The Ultimate Prezi Guide: contents

The Ultimate Prezi Guide

            And this is how it happened 

About this book              
            Why you should be reading this book   
            The structure of the book                
            How to use this book                           
            About the author   

Chapter 01 Prezi: a zooming interface     

            1.1 From left to right                 
            1.2 Mind mapping                                         
            1.3 What is Prezi and what makes it so special?   
            1.4 Where does Prezi originate?               
            1.5 Interview with Ed van Uden                
            1.6 A prezi about Prezi           

Chapter 02  Application and inspiration
            2.1 Prezi as a presentation              
            2.2 Interview with Maria Andersen                    
            2.3 Prezi in an educational environment
            2.4 Prezi in a creative environment                     
            2.5 Prezi as Pecha Kucha                               
            2.6 Interview with Anna Luise Sulimma, TrendSketcher   

Chapter 03 A plan for your prezi    

            3.1 Five steps for your prezis                       
            3.2 A step-by-step approach to brainstorm in Prezi  
            3.3 Seven secrets to a solid structure of your prezi    
            3.4 Garr Reynolds, author of PresentationZen             
            3.5 Interview with Dr. Andrew Abela       
Chapter 04 Getting started!  

            4.1 Creating an account                      
            4.2 New prezi                             
            4.3 Templates                             
            4.4 The Prezi editor                
            4.5 The transformation Tool 
            4.6 Inserting text                                  
            4.7 Colors and fonts                  
            4.8 Inserting images                
            4.9 Images in Prezi: everything you need to know     
            4.10 Drawing in Prezi and using shapes 
            4.11 Videos                      
            4.12 Structure with frames              
            4.13 Creating a path                            
            4.14 Fade-in animation                                 
            4.15 Testing Prezi with Present      
            4.16 Printing a prezi                            
            4.17 3D background                           
            4.18 Sound in Prezi                              
            4.19 My Collection                                
            4.20 Using CSS to change styles      
            4.21 Importing a PowerPoint file   
            4.22 Your prezis                                    
            4.23 Downloading a prezi                 
            4.24 Sharing and collaborating       
            4.25 Prezi Desktop                               
            4.26 Flash animations in Prezi        
            4.27 Round images                            
            4.28 Shortcut keys                                

Chapter 05 Present your prezi      

            5.1 Presenting your prezi                  
            5.2 Handouts                                          
            5.3 Prezi on iPad and iPhone            
            5.4 Tips for improved presentations with Prezi                     
            5.5 Interview with Chip Conley                  
            5.6 Interview with Jerre Maas    

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